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Greatly Reduce Your Exposure to Airborne Respiratory Droplets with First Defense

First Defense Nasal Screens (FDNS) are a great additive to the fight for clean air. They bring much needed relief to so many in need. With viruses, allergens, bacteria, and everyday contaminates such as dust and pollution filling the air these days the need for this product is endless not to mention the biological threats we face. This document is designed to inform and educate on the premise of our product and the claims and logic behind it as well. 1) Product FDNS- a light weight, non inserted, non intrusive, almost non visible, hypo allergenic, self adhesive screen that covers the nasal passage and filters the air we breathe. As certified testing chart below will show FDNS can make a significant difference even at sub micron levels of .1µm with 77% efficiencies and over 92% at 1 µm and over 99% at 10 µm.

Particle Distribution Graph

Particle Distribution Graph